Somali military officials participate in the Red Wave 1 Naval Drills


Senior military officials from Somali armed forces are taking part the Red Wave 1 naval drills in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Red Wave 1 naval drills which kicked off on Sunday in Red Sea water borders in the kingdom of the Saudi Arabia is set to continue up to Thursday.

Several countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen are parting in the exercise.

The Commander of the Western fleet, Saqr al-Harbi said that the exercise, which will conclude on Thursday, aims to bolster naval security for the Red Sea countries.

According to Saqir, it also aims to protect regional waters, bolster military cooperation and exchange expertise among participants given the significance of the Red Sea as a vital global economic waterway.

On his part, the training commander, Ali Al Ghanimi confirmed that the forces will undergo intensive modern warfare specialized training during the period of the exercise .

Riyadh announced the establishment of joint regional force with countries sharing borders with the red sea on 12th December presided over by King Salman.

The multinational regional force which Somalia will be member is said to play key role in securing the strategic water way in the sea and protect the business interest of the nations that reached the agreement.

Military experts believe that the drill is a physiological warfare directed towards the Houthi rebels fighting Saudi coalition in Yemen.

A military intervention was launched by Saudi Arabia in 2015, leading a coalition of nine African and Middle East countries, in response to calls from the internationally recognized president of Yemen Abdu Rabou Mansour.


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